Our Followers, who art in Hyperspace

It’s funny how much we care about social media and the internet, but social media and the internet care so little about us.

I’ve always loved writing. I recently realized my absolute dream job is to become an essayist. Writing took me through my teenage angst, my formative years in college, and my emerging adulthood. The yearning to write consumes me at some point literally each and every day. But I always put it off, thinking I don’t have enough time to dedicate or there are more important things to do or I can’t do my thoughts/feelings/experiences justice. Or that my musings are simply not important enough for anyone to waste time reading. Continue reading

Social Media Penetration

Yesterday, I was making outgoing phone calls for work. Naturally, I have to log these phone calls to prove I actually completed the assigned task. Sometimes I’ll make a call and find that the number has been disconnected.

My personal note in the call log for reaching disconnected numbers looks like this: “# disc”

As I typed that out multiple times yesterday, the voice is my always read it as, “hashtag disconnected.”