Inside Oside: Experiences at In-N-Out

I’ve lived in Southern California all my life, which means I’ve had the luxury of In-n-Out available all my life. Even though In-n-Out is a “normal” thing to me, it still never ceases to hit the spot. Any time. All the time. Most Californians I know are loyal to this establishment, even after trying the famed Shake Shack, Five Guys, or gourmet burger joints.

In-n-Out has wallpaper downloads on their website

In-n-Out has wallpaper downloads on their website

There is currently one In-n-Out in Oceanside and it happens to be 3 stoplights away from where I live. I have gotten food there at least once a week since I’ve moved here. I’ve seen a couple knockoffs in Downtown Oceanside, which are named Angelo’s Burgers, and this is extremely funny to me because I encountered these while my friend Angelo was in the car. Downtown Oceanside will be getting it’s very own In-n-Out soon, probably to the dismay of Angelo’s Burgers. Angelo’s serves a bunch of other stuff, but they might want to look into rebranding.

Photo courtesy of Darrell P. on Yelp

Photo courtesy of Darrell P. on Yelp

During a recent trip to my beloved, I opted to go inside instead of braving the drive-thru filled with 15+ cars. While in line, I learned that you can add pickles to your burger. WHAT. I never order the “Animal Style” burger (only Animal Style fries), so it never occurred to me to get pickle slices. This was mind-blowing. While tweeting this experience, I also learned that you can get chopped chilies and fried mustard on your burger as well. Thank Heavens for fellow In-n-Out lovers on my Twitter feed.

My high was quickly diminished by a conversation I overheard while waiting for my order.

If these beef patties were just a little bit bigger, I’d be all about this place.

Excuse me, sir… you mean, you’re not already all about this place?! Fine, I get it, nobody is perfect. But how dare this person not be all about In-n-Out! I gave him my meanest side-eye, hoping this would someone bestow my wrathful thoughts on him. If he wants bigger patties, he should go elsewhere. His negativity is not welcome is this haven of fresh ingredients, friendly service, and relatively cheap, delicious food. This place is what “a hamburger is all about.” I refused to stand by and let this man disgrace this institution… so I took my order, and proceeded to enjoy my burger (with pickles!) and Animal Style fries in the comfort of my home. Foodie high restored.

The Growing Impracticality of Disneyland for Post-Grad Life

The vicious cycle of repetitive entertainment-based consumerism [i.e. Disneyland], will keep people down, slowly but surely. We can’t continue spending so much in the name of fun and good company while we are barely getting by in the rest of our lives. If the goal is to support ourselves, we shouldn’t keep with these habits as they become increasingly expensive… unless our income is increasing as well. Don’t get me wrong–I am a slave to consumerism. But there comes a point when I need sacrifice my “Carpe Diem” tendencies to make room for something greater. Or at least different.

One More Disney Day | February 29th, 2012

I am spoiled in that I am able to go to Disneyland anytime I want. I’ve had a Premium pass for the last two years, but as ticket prices steadily increase, it’s easy to question the value of it all. A single-day ticket could reach $100 in the next two years, which has great emotional effect. By reaching 3-digit prices, it seems more and more unrealistic to spend for such an experience.

At the end of the year, the merchandise discount associated with annual passes will expire. Premium passes now cost $650. I paid $500 for my first one about a year an a half ago. -_- I’ll be able to experience Cars Land and all of the new CA Adventure attractions opening.

But alas, I have decided not to renew next February and put my money toward museum memberships where I can continue learning and experiencing new things at a more affordable price. If all goes well with my career path, I’ll be able to afford both… but potentially working 12-hour days on the West Side leaves little time to make it to Anaheim regularly. Saving that $650 could go a long way as I’m trying to become financially stable. I need to start forging practical spending habits now so that I can keep my eyes on those big ticket purchases after all the moves are made and bills are paid. I get annoyed when people tell me they wish they could travel… the same people who have Disneyland passes, smoke weed, go out for drinks on a regular basis. Sure, that fulfills their enjoyment and they don’t know what it’s like to really quench their wanderlust. That’s not me. I’d easily give up Disneyland for a year to attend exhibition openings, go on a couple of getaways, and experience more of SoCal in general. I made it to Chicago on a $100 roundtrip ticket. I can do all that for $650 + gas from LA to Anaheim + food&merch purchases. It’s not that I don’t love The Happiest Place on Earth and it’s rides, attractions, and delicious food. If I’m gonna be committing to West LA for the next few years, I need to constantly invigorate myself with all that SoCal has to offer.

George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits | May 23, 2012