What is DYBB?

Apologies in advance for the verbal diarrhea. Whether you’ve followed this madness since it began years ago or are just now coming along for a ride, welcome!

My memory is terrible. I voraciously read books, watch movies, and follow TV shows way past the point of entertainment. But when people quote famous lines, I’m always at a loss. I couldn’t tell you the details of who did what to whom or what happened when. This blog exists to retain my reflections and act where memory fails me. Maybe later in life, I’ll find that I’m reading a whole new story. [Think “The Notebook,” but not so sad. Hopefully just as epic.]

I’m supposed to convince you that reading my blog will somehow be beneficial to you. I should sound like an authority on certain subjects because of what I’ve been through. You might seek this blog for insights, ideas, and tips on living well and shaping your life.

In an ever-connected world where we reconcile multiple identities, we must make a conscious effort to live authentically and nourish our souls. All the identity boxes you check mean nothing without tall tales and life lessons. We are so overwhelmed with accounts of despair or success of prodigies that it’s sometimes hard to feel like our own stories are worth telling. This blog will remind you that your experience is valid and hopefully help folks own their narratives.

Do you try to live in the moment? Or with the future and past all wrapped up in your plans? Here, we’ll try to find the balance through our stories and struggles. Sometimes becoming your best self means seeking out the experiences of others. Other times, you’ve just got to Do You, Boo Boo.

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