The Road to Grad School

I’m really going to do this grad school thing. Against all my instincts and wishes coming out of college. I have never felt that my goals were clear and my dreams were attainable (with hard work, dedication, sacrifices, and passion) until now. My GRE prep course recommended reading scholarly non-fiction books or articles. I subscribed to […]

Inside Oside: Experiences at In-N-Out

I’ve lived in Southern California all my life, which means I’ve had the luxury of In-n-Out available all my life. Even though In-n-Out is a “normal” thing to me, it still never ceases to hit the spot. Any time. All the time. Most Californians I know are loyal to this establishment, even after trying the famed Shake Shack, Five Guys, or gourmet burger joints.

In-n-Out has wallpaper downloads on their website
In-n-Out has wallpaper downloads on their website

There is currently one In-n-Out in Oceanside and it happens to be 3 stoplights away from where I live. I have gotten food there at least once a week since I’ve moved here. I’ve seen a couple knockoffs in Downtown Oceanside, which are named Angelo’s Burgers, and this is extremely funny to me because I encountered these while my friend Angelo was in the car. Downtown Oceanside will be getting it’s very own In-n-Out soon, probably to the dismay of Angelo’s Burgers. Angelo’s serves a bunch of other stuff, but they might want to look into rebranding.

Photo courtesy of Darrell P. on Yelp
Photo courtesy of Darrell P. on Yelp

During a recent trip to my beloved, I opted to go inside instead of braving the drive-thru filled with 15+ cars. While in line, I learned that you can add pickles to your burger. WHAT. I never order the “Animal Style” burger (only Animal Style fries), so it never occurred to me to get pickle slices. This was mind-blowing. While tweeting this experience, I also learned that you can get chopped chilies and fried mustard on your burger as well. Thank Heavens for fellow In-n-Out lovers on my Twitter feed.

My high was quickly diminished by a conversation I overheard while waiting for my order.

If these beef patties were just a little bit bigger, I’d be all about this place.

Excuse me, sir… you mean, you’re not already all about this place?! Fine, I get it, nobody is perfect. But how dare this person not be all about In-n-Out! I gave him my meanest side-eye, hoping this would someone bestow my wrathful thoughts on him. If he wants bigger patties, he should go elsewhere. His negativity is not welcome is this haven of fresh ingredients, friendly service, and relatively cheap, delicious food. This place is what “a hamburger is all about.” I refused to stand by and let this man disgrace this institution… so I took my order, and proceeded to enjoy my burger (with pickles!) and Animal Style fries in the comfort of my home. Foodie high restored.

100th Post: Big Things Coming!

In true LA form, this blog will be getting a facelift! You’ll see some sweet changes in the coming weeks, as I re-focus my energy and get to WERQ blogging about different things I love.

For you artsy folks in LA, there are a couple events I’m quite stoked about. Recently, I learned about Atlas Obscura, which is a fantastic way to explore the world from your computer screen. They also organize events in major cities across the country. I am finally available to attend one and was fast enough to register for a spot. Be sure to sign up for their email updates so you are the first to know about these unique tours. While this one is sold out, there are other great ones and always more on the way. I’ll be sure to keep you posted about my experience on the upcoming tour: Exploring the Bridges of Downtown LA’s Arts District. Lucky for me, I’ve been meaning to get over to the Arts District–perfect!

If performing arts are more your thing, perhaps you’ll consider Carpe Noctis. When I first got the LA Weekly email announcement, I was confused about what the 4-day festival entails. Although I’m still not clear on what exactly to expect, I know $45 for 4 days of theater performances and unlimited booze = YES. The festival will run every Thursday-Sunday in October with over a hundred 10 to 30-minute performances each weekend. My take: even if I attend a single day, I can easily enjoy $45 worth of drinks and fun.

I hope you’ll take time to dabble in some creativity, whether at these types of events, or otherwise. Have a good weekend all!

IRL: The Pizza Burger

A few weeks ago, this photo surfaced in my Facebook feed:


Folks “liked” it, shared it, even commented on it regarding their excitement or disgust. But luckily for me, I have friends who take initiative. My good friend and culinary expert, Kevin, brought this monstrosity to life today. He used biscuit dough–definitely a good call.

photo 1 (1)

Photo (1)

Thanks for the heart attack, Kevin! Nomz.

Social Media Penetration

Yesterday, I was making outgoing phone calls for work. Naturally, I have to log these phone calls to prove I actually completed the assigned task. Sometimes I’ll make a call and find that the number has been disconnected.

My personal note in the call log for reaching disconnected numbers looks like this: “# disc”

As I typed that out multiple times yesterday, the voice is my always read it as, “hashtag disconnected.”


Our Wedding Chronicles: A Frustrating Question

Wedding invitations typically include attire guidelines. Couples decide attire based on a few different things, from the vibe of the party, to the theme or motif of the wedding, or the style of the venue. The invitations, coupled with the attire guidelines, are meant to help guests figure out what to wear to the wedding. If a guest is a well-experienced event attendee, they might even pick up on the colors of the wedding from the invitation (given that the invitations are cohesive with the overall wedding style). When an invitation arrives that is clearly 1-3 colors, you can probably guess that these are the colors that the bridal party will be wearing–avoid wearing these! It will be awkward. You will look like you did not get the memo, like you semi-belong in the bridal party but did not coordinate with everyone else, or like you are trying to upstage the wedding.

My wedding invitations state “Attire: Black Tie.”

I have received numerous inquiries about what “Black Tie” means, if I really mean “Black Tie,” or if “___ or ___ is okay instead?”


We are in the 21st century, people! You can easily search what “Black Tie” means on the internet. Also, if I didn’t mean it, why would I have it foil-printed on heavy paper invitations that I spent hundreds on? Yes, I mean it! Folks then like to ask if certain other types of attire are acceptable. But I cannot imagine that anybody I invited does not own a nice, formal suit. My dad even said his friends were asking if they really have to wear a tuxedo or what kind of suit to wear to a “Black Tie” wedding. You know what he said? He told them just to wear a tie! Again, WHAT?!

There is a line below the stated attire that details what the Marines should be wearing [Marines: Blue – White Dress “B”]. Even if you are not familiar with military uniforms, it’s clear that this is a formal, military wedding in which you can expect Marines to be dressed to the nines. Why would you come dressed in anything less than your best? Come on, y’all. How often do you get the chance to clean up nicely? You will be photographed with me in a fancy dress (yes, it’s fucking fancy) and my husband in his Dress Blues and a bunch of other awesomely dressed people. In a ballroom. A replica of the White House ballroom, to be exact. It’ll be great. I hope these people dress up. I swear, this is not asking very much.

//end rant