Hang out with your friends.

If there’s one tough lesson I’ve learned in my post-grad years, it’s that maintaining relationships takes a lot of dedication and effort. In college, you saw the same folks due to a fairly consistent schedule. You went to class, attended meetings, and had your own flavor of social life. Once you graduated, you started building a career, finding yourself, and navigating the work-life balance. Most of your friends probably set out to do the same.

Sometimes you have a friend who organizes a birthday celebration or there is a wedding or a new baby. There is some big reason to get together, share a drink, and celebrate life. You bid each other goodnight, swear you’ll grab dinner soon, and that you won’t let it be so long until the next gathering. Suddenly months have passed and you’re just going through the motions.

Before I let life get away from me too quickly, I make a conscious effort to schedule time with friends. It sucks we can’t grab a bite on a moment’s notice. And 9-5’s mean we can’t stay out til the wee hours. It’s almost sad to calendar a round of drinks, but it’s necessary! Not just necessary to ensure friendship time happens, but necessary for my well-being.

Tonight, I met up with Cyrus in Downtown Fullerton. For those of you familiar with DTF, you might know about its abundance of bars and grimey nightlife. Definitely a choice hangout for college students. I had no idea of the culinary treasures to be found here. Cyrus and I basically did a neighborhood food tour, all while catching up. We started with ramen at Kopan, had some amazing wine at Twisted Vine, and finished off with desserts and coffee at Layer Cake. Y’all know I’m not much of a food critic, but the food was delicious. I’d love to go back to every place, but there are so many spots to try!

photo 1

Soft Shell Crab

photo 2

Small Fatty Pork Ramen

photo 3

Make time for your friends. Go on adventures. Nourish your soul.

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