100th Post: Big Things Coming!

In true LA form, this blog will be getting a facelift! You’ll see some sweet changes in the coming weeks, as I re-focus my energy and get to WERQ blogging about different things I love.

For you artsy folks in LA, there are a couple events I’m quite stoked about. Recently, I learned about Atlas Obscura, which is a fantastic way to explore the world from your computer screen. They also organize events in major cities across the country. I am finally available to attend one and was fast enough to register for a spot. Be sure to sign up for their email updates so you are the first to know about these unique tours. While this one is sold out, there are other great ones and always more on the way. I’ll be sure to keep you posted about my experience on the upcoming tour: Exploring the Bridges of Downtown LA’s Arts District. Lucky for me, I’ve been meaning to get over to the Arts District–perfect!

If performing arts are more your thing, perhaps you’ll consider Carpe Noctis. When I first got the LA Weekly email announcement, I was confused about what the 4-day festival entails. Although I’m still not clear on what exactly to expect, I know $45 for 4 days of theater performances and unlimited booze = YES. The festival will run every Thursday-Sunday in October with over a hundred 10 to 30-minute performances each weekend. My take: even if I attend a single day, I can easily enjoy $45 worth of drinks and fun.

I hope you’ll take time to dabble in some creativity, whether at these types of events, or otherwise. Have a good weekend all!

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