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FO’ FREE: Tori Kelly x Sam Smith x Iggy Azalea

Living in LA does have its perks, even when it comes to your utility companies. Last week, I received an email informing me to pick up two free tickets to a VMA concert hosted by Time Warner Cable. All I had to do was show up to their store in Beverly Hills on a given date/time, verify my account, and grab my tickets. Whaaaaat?

We got to the Avalon in Hollywood about 4:30pm on Friday (doors were slated to open at 8am). With only a handful of people in line, Kimi and I opted for a pre-show happy hour at St. Felix. Thank heavens Kimi changed her work schedule to get to this concert–I swear am I always dragging her on my adventures! <3

hollywood, twc vma concert, avalon, los angeles, free concert, mtv vma

Free sunglasses and glow bracelets

We didn’t wait more than an hour an a half in line, which would have been fine if we realized how chilly it would be. Definitely a good preface to Made in America coming up this weekend–must bring a jacket! TWC reps were giving out free swag and reminding us to hashtag all our photos, as goes the new normal. This was our first time at the Avalon, which is a cross between a club and concert venue. When we got in, we immediately went to find some seating because how awesome would it be to comfortably sit and enjoy a Sam Smith performance? It’s the little things in life.

hollywood, mtv, vma, twc vma concert, avalon, los angeles, free concert

Just moments before entering the venue, we found out Tori Kelly had been added to the line-up. Seriously, the things you learn via social media. She opened the show with a short, but sweet set of original songs. Every piece spoke to my soul–so refreshing to witness such powerful songwriting and singing all at once. Of course, she sampled some “Thinkin’ Bout You” and “Rude” lyrics in the true cover form that got her noticed on YouTube. I was absolutely blown away by her sheer talent and stage presence. She had nothing but a guitar and her beautiful voice and it was all she needed. Can’t wait for her debut album! Also, she was killin’ it in that little black romper with all that hair. Yes, girl. hollywood, tori kelly, twc vma concert, vma, mtv, free concert, los angeles, avalon

Sam Smith was definitely the highlight of the night! I still cannot fathom how we were able to attend such an intimate performance for free, with hardly any hoops to jump through. He has been such a sensation this year, selling out two LA dates in just minutes. And I got to see him for free? Hearing his voice live is mind-blowing. [If you watched the VMAs and thought that was phenomenal, you definitely need to get to a concert.] There are only a handful of performers out there who sound better than their albums and he is one of them. It’s obvious how humble this man is from his stage presence to his no-frills set. He was up there doing what he loves and was delighted to find the crowd loving it. I was basically crying through the whole thing because all his songs bring out the feelz!hollywood, sam smith, avalon, los angeles, twc vma concert, mtv, vma hollywood, sam smith, avalon, los angeles, twc vma concert, mtv, vma

I’m just going to leave this semi-derpy picture of Iggy Azalea here. We stayed for maybe half her set. Her songs are catchy, but I’m not really a fan for a number of reasons–mostly because I’m a self-respecting critical person who tries not to eat up all the hype that comes my way. I will admit her performance was a crowd-pleaser and full of energy, but eh. I am a little sad I missed seeing her fall off the stage.

iggy azalea, twc vma concert, free concert, los angeles, vma, mtv, avalon, hollywood

Check out some clips of Sam Smith performing “How Will I Know?” live for the first time ever and also the super popular “Stay With Me.”

hollywood, avalon, los angeles, twc vma concert, mtv, vma

twc vma concert, mtv, vma, avalon, hollywood, los angeles, free concert

Despite some terrible customer service on the internet and cable end, Time Warner Cable definitely gets points for sponsoring such a great event! Los Angeles is one of the only places were superstars will put on a free show–gotta love it!

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