Our Wedding Chronicles: Sweets and Things

Desserts were a big part of our wedding. Aside from wedding cake being a traditional element that pulls the mood together, I wanted to use the sweets as a way to showcase some of our relationship. For starters, Ez LOVES dessert. So much so, that I vowed to share my desserts with him for the rest of my life. This obviously made him very happy. Since we had a big wedding on a budget, we didn’t have too much room to pull in never-before-seen elements. Instead, I took the “normal” elements of a wedding and put a spin on them so they were uniquely ours.

I began with the cake. Initially, I wanted to order a small cake just for the cake-cutting and then serve other desserts. This changed when I realized how big the ballroom was and felt we needed a cake to fill it. And so came the challenge of finding a bakery that could make a huge cake on a not-so-huge budget. I only went to two cake tastings, which were both phenomenal experiences. It became clear fairly quickly that I wouldn’t find a greater value than the original bakery I went to. I decided on a 250-serving cake (even with 350 guests) and was quoted significantly higher prices at other bakeries. Creative Cakes in Orange, CA basically saved the day in terms of budget. The cake turned out just fine. “Fine” is not perfect, but I can’t go back and change how any of the wedding went, even the cake. Just remember y’all, you get what you pay for. I got a huge cake, which seemed impossible for our budget… but some part of me would have skimped on size to get a flawless cake design.

Below is evidence from the yummy tastings. I wish Ez could have been there for this part especially since he loves desserts SO much. Thank Heavens for my bridesmaids being there though! Creative Cakes and Beverly’s Best Bakery both had spectacular tastings. Honestly, I would have gone with the latter if I could have broken the bank, but it just wasn’t the case. But holy moly, our wedding cake tasted BOMB.

Creative Cakes tasting samples

Creative Cakes tasting samples

Creative Cakes showroom example

Creative Cakes showroom example

Beverly's Best Bakery tasting samples

Beverly’s Best Bakery tasting samples

Beverly's Best Bakery iPad example

Beverly’s Best Bakery iPad example

I chose two flavors from Creative Cakes: lemon cake with raspberry jam and Bavarian creme (their most popular choice, for good reason) and marble cake with white chocolate chip filling. They had this awesome showroom with fake cakes, as well as albums full of pictures for ideas. I also brought in my own ideas and they were able to help bring my vision to life (for the most part). What’s cool is they also give us a free cake on our one-year anniversary so we didn’t have to freeze the top layer of our actual cake. Apparently that is a thing… you’re supposed to save the top layer of the wedding cake, freeze it, and eat it on your one-year anniversary. That sounds gross. I don’t really want to eat year-old cake.


Our wedding cake


Wedding cake detail


Ez had to stop me from grabbing the cake–I was starving

We had to pay tribute to UCLA somehow! After all, it is a part of the grand scheme that brought us together. Rather than having a Joe and Josie Bruin cake topper, we opted for good ol’ Diddy Riese cookies. Go Bruins! My good friend, Kato, drove all the way to Westwood the morning of the wedding to pick these up–much appreciated.

Our caterer had a great package that included a “Jackie O. Sugar Tower” and chocolate-covered strawberries, which made their services extra appealing. The sugar tower was drizzled sugar rolled into tall cylinders and the blonde strings you see are made out of cotton candy! I heard the strawberries were delicious and they sure went fast! Luckily, I was able to try these at the food tasting.


Diddy Riese cookies and the Jackie O. Sugar Tower


Chocolate-covered strawberries

Yes, we cut our cake with a freakin’ sword! As per Marine Corps tradition. That was definitely fun :) Ez had to concentrate super hard because he was quite intoxicated at this point in the night. Also, I asked him to feed me a super small piece, as I was about to yack from the drink I had just chugged.


I was super happy with the way our dessert station turned out. We showcased Ez’s sweet tooth, got our Bruin pride in there, and to top it off… it was all delicious and fabulous! This was a great way to make our wedding unique without spending outrageously for wedding extras. Now, we’re just waiting on that anniversary cake!

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