Impulsive Buyer Probs

I’m still learning how to manage my money. Such is a key woe in the life of a twentysomething. Sometimes I look for bargains on a few goods I need or enjoy… for the past couple of weeks, that’s been lipsticks. I used to buy candy all the time–if it was being sold where I was, you better believe I bought some. I didn’t wanna stay on the road to Diabetes Central, though. Anyway, these small purchases do add up. But after these latest ventures, I think I’m through buying these for a while. Long story short, splurge a little on yourself… it’s okay as long as the purchases are something you will consistently use!

I’ve had full lips all my life. Au naturel, baby! In my years of learning to apply make-up (which are still occurring), I always shied away from lip color because I thought I would look like a clown. But recently, I decided to own it!

This morning, I left my apartment with these in my purse. Depending on the day, this might be 4 too many lipsticks.

photo 1

I eventually found myself at Target picking up some last-minute travel necessities. Then I remembered I’ve been meaning to find some lip primer. I usually like to stand in the aisles and research some products on my phone. But I was short on time, hungry, and had to pee so today was not the day to find the best lip primer bang for my buck. After quickly scouring lipstick sections, I found a single lip primer for sale.

NP Set Lip Primer, $14

NP Set Lip Primer, $14

I normally put on chapstick before lipstick or gloss, but my lips get dry quickly, giving my lip color a cracked, uneven look. When I got home, I spread some of this new lip primer on (without any chapstick) and then applied some of the dark lipstick I recently bought (NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice color). Hours–and some snacks!–later, the dark lipstick is holding steady! I’m pretty excited about this, as I have a weekend full of adventures and new lip colors coming up.

After I settled in for the night, PJs and DVR on lock, I got to showing my mom my purse full of goodies. Realizing it was only 8pm, we moseyed on over to CVS for some more lip awesomeness. I had decided on 4 colors, but Mom picked out 2 more for me. “They’re so cheap, who cares if you don’t like them?”

photo 2

I’m certainly hoping these drugstore buys don’t have too many harmful chemicals in them! But I do plan on adding some higher end pieces one I find the shades that really suit me. Refinery 29 provided a great place to start–definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some killer lipsticks.

Sure, I am getting out of control buying all these… Okay, yeah, it’s getting out of control. But my birthday is coming up and I think I will be satisfied with 10+ color choices for a while. Also, I’m about to paint my nails, which means I’m not spending money at the nail salon.

Thank you for sitting through this rant of vanity. Now go out there and buy some lipsticks! Or whatever relatively cheap products give you fleeting happiness. Happy weekend, all!

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