Finding Great Dives: No Malice Palace – NYC

I’m not much for crowds so if I’m spending a night out in a packed bar, it WILL be worth it. I rarely find bars with good music (read: non-EDM) and decently priced drink nowadays. The best way to do so is to ask people who enjoy the same types of spots.

On my most recent work trip to NYC (one of my favorite places ever), my friend introduced me to No Malice Palace and here I am writing an entire post about it. Some of my other friends swore by this place, claiming they would be dancing non-stop.

So Matt brought me here after dinner on a Friday night. Got there about 11:30pm and met up with Gwen, who will be gracing my wedding with her beautiful voice. My friends were right—it was tough to catch up over the amazing(ly ratchet) music! The DJ kept spinning song after song after song that was just hitting too hard.

photo 2 photo 1

Naturally I went back the next night with my big sis. We arrived to a completely empty bar at 9:30pm, which was actually nice because we had time to talk. But even the background hip hop was on point! By 11pm, the place was packed and we had to hit the dance floor for a few songs before leaving. I love this place because the crowd is just full of good vibes and people are not extra forward… just extra fun!

photo 4

It can be easy to miss because there is just a small neon sign hanging outside that says “NMP” in red. But don’t miss it. Seriously. EVERY SONG.

photo (17)

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