Yay, Scotch: #NightsOfPassage

I like attending events. Especially when they’re free. So you’ll understand my excitement when I received an email from one of my favorite lifestyle websites about a free scotch-tasting. People don’t usually deny free alcohol, let alone my friends so we scooted on over to The Glenlivet’s #NightsOfPassage.




Here’s the original description of the event:

A special evening with Guardians to gain a deeper understanding of single malt scotch. Partake in tastings of The Glenlivet 12, 15 and 18 Year, identify the expressions distinct characteristics through an aroma experience with the Brand Ambassador and discover all that it means to drink The Glenlivet.


Twice a night for a week, The Glenlivet hosted a pop-up scotch-tasting where attendees could explore all that The Glenlivet brand has to offer, as well as a guided scotch tutorial and tasting. Upon entrance, we were greeted with passed h’ordeuvres and drams of The Glenlivet 12. There were several stations set up exhibiting different facets of the brand such as fashion and food. There is even an app detailing all that jazz–it’s called The Cask. Scotch typically seems like an old white man thing… so we’ll just roll with that in terms of lifestyle stuff. Okay, maybe a middle-aged white man seeking culture and refinement.




After about 45 minutes of chatting, munching, and trying to sip without making faces, we were seated in a huge makeshift living room with projection screens for the presentation. Whoever does the creative direction for The Glenlivet is on point because that slideshow was so appealing! Could it be that I am part of the target audience they are trying to reach?




We were taken through a brief history of whiskey, how it’s made, and how to taste it. There were event “scent-boxes” for reference on tasting the main notes in whiskey: spicy, smoky, floral, and fruity. The brand ambassador Jordan Gelfand, did a wonderful job of exposing us to The Glenlivet and all of it’s scotchy-scotch glory.



It felt very fancy in there! Like, who are we getting dressed up and diluting our whiskey to pronounce the flavors more?

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