Recap: Natural History Museum

Last week, Katrina was in town so naturally, we had to seek some adventures. Even after living in LA for 4+ years, there are so many staples we haven’t gotten around to. Originally, we intended on seeing the Space Shuttle Endeavour, but much to our embarrassment, that is not found at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. [Yes, we had several conversations over the course of two days about seeing the space shuttle and concurrently visiting the Natural History Museum. And yes, we wondered why on earth a space shuttle would be transported all the way to SoCal only to be housed with dinosaurs and shit. And yes, we have UCLA degrees. It just never clicked. At least we have another adventure planned for her next trip to LA!]

While I’m not big on animals and earthy things, I do like to make my way through the quintessential LA spots. Plus, there is always fun to be had and lessons to be learned in new experiences–like finding out a space shuttle would not be in a natural history museum.

We saw everything from dinosaur bones and fossils to live rats, huge ants, and snake skins. There was even a tortoise for guests to check out up close. Essentially I learned that the world is super old and all kinds of crazy things have walked this planet. Also, humans are messing everything up. A 2-hour visit, Aloha Hour at Roy’s, and Bottega Louie later, it turned out to be a wonderful LA fix. Get out there and live your lives… you can do it locally, ya know!

photo 1

Dino Selfies

Dino Selfies

photo 3

$6 cocktails during Aloha Hour

$6 cocktails during Aloha Hour

Best macarons in life

Best macarons in life






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