A happy new year would be full of blogging.

If I was the New Year’s Resolution-type, I might say that I would like to blog consistently and record my life more overall.

Maybe I am the New Year’s Resolution-type and I just haven’t decided yet. It’s only January! Am I the only person who thinks it’s acceptable to greet people “Happy New Year” the first time you see them during the year, even though January 1st has passed? I swear, I’ll show up to meetings and gatherings giving out well wishes for the new year like it’s nobody’s business… even if it’s already February. The year is 365 days! At what point is it not “new” anymore?

Until I figure out this whole Plan of Action I’ve been meaning to work on since last summer… I’m just going to leave this photo here. This was taken on the last day of my recent trip to the Philippines. [Perhaps I should join that resolution bandwagon.]

The view from my parents-in-law's bedroom window

The view from my parents-in-law’s bedroom window

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