Sober Sundayz

When my original plans went awry, I found myself at Urth Caffe with two of my closest friends, Kimi and Katrina. Having been to Urth in West Hollywood, we opted for the Santa Monica location, thinking there would be a cooler crowd, rather than a “cool” crowd. The cafe was moderately busy, but there was enough room to accommodate the three of us. After some confusion about where and what to order, we took some seats outside because this is Southern California and you can hang out outdoors at night in November.

I’m sure the turn-up gets real for some of you, even on a Sunday, but it was nice to grab an overpriced artsy latte, munch on a pumpkin cheesecake, and chat while actually talking about nothing at all. Sidenote: themed foods are what create seasons here in Los Angeles, as we don’t get real weather here.

photo 1 (1)

We got in a game and a half of Monopoly Deal (the OG version, not that Millionaires BS), until an employee asked us to stop playing because it’s “store policy” that customers can’t play card games. But there was still good company to be had without the presence of liquor… or Monopoly Deal. While it wasn’t much of an exploring-type night, it was refreshing to be somewhere different and see some new sights.

photo 2 (1)

In short, hang out with your friends and do things you don’t usually do. If that’s not fulfilling, you might need better friends. Have a great week!

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