Recap: Stopover in Savannah

If you have a couple hours to kill and are already going to be in a new/unfamiliar area, use it to your advantage! See a sight you haven’t seen or grab a bite you might not otherwise eat.

A few weeks ago, Ezrael and I drove down the coast from North Carolina to Florida on our way to a cruise embarkation port. After perusing the map of our route, I saw that we would be passing through Savannah, Georgia. While we didn’t have a whole afternoon to survey main tourist attractions, we had some time to spare. It’s times like these that smartphones really come in handy. I searched “things to do in savannah georgia” and browsed the main visitor websites. Sure enough, we discovered Leopold’s Ice Cream with great Yelp reviews to vouch for it.

After sampling some flavors, namely the iconic Tutti Frutti (from which the Little Richard song is named), Ez decided on the honey almond and cream, while I could not (and will never) resist the pistachio. AMAZING ice cream made on the premises with a secret family recipe. The shop walls were covered in film memorabilia from Stratton Leopold’s career. These were a great addition to the original fixtures from the shop that Statton’s father and uncles opened back in 1919. While there was no line on a Tuesday afternoon, the reviews said the line often goes out the door during peak hours. This ice cream is worth it. But then again, I’m from LA and love standing in long lines for novelty desserts.

IMG_4584 IMG_4579

Go somewhere new! Yes, all the time. Yes, on your way to the place you’re already going. Even if it sucks (which it probably won’t because you’re trying something new and that in itself is satisfying), at least you can say you did it.

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