TV Tuesday

I don’t remember a time when I was more into consuming TV and other forms of popular culture and entertainment.

So far today, I’ve already watched the series premieres of Agents of SHIELD and Trophy Wife. I still have to get through a new episode of Sons of Anarchy, as well as catch Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Kimmel AND Jimmy Fallon (seriously, that man is everywhere).

Although I’m not much for reviews–I am too easy to please–I do want to say Agents of SHIELD definitely hooked me with it’s captivating storyline and cinematography true to Marvel. I loved that I could see it intertwined in all that happened with the Avengers, but still held its own outside of the comicbook heroes. I kept hanging on, as if it was a movie, but it was still true to its medium. I’m excited to see what the rest of the season brings.

Trophy Wife brought chuckles and smirks, as expected. Not sure if I’ll follow it religiously, but maybe I will seeing as its right after Agents of SHIELD. Malin Akerman does bring back memories from her days on Gossip Girl.

The sociologist in me wants to dig deep into all the entertainment that’s been overwhelming me. I think I’m finally ready to dive into TV season.

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