Recap: July 4th Festivities

Yesterday was beautiful. After tearing pages out of wedding magazines and doing my nails, I headed to Santa Monica with one of my favorite drinking buddies. The weather was nice and we had no types of plans for the day, which makes some days all the more adventurous. We crashed a cute bro date and started off at Hooters. A few shots later–1800 for me, Jameson for Katrina–we continued the festivities on the Promenade.

Two Filipino kids performing “Billionaire” served as great entertainment. Dropped $5 in their hat and went on our way again. Shopping under the influence ensued at Nike and Urban Outfitters because even our most truthful [read: drunk] selves are slaves to consumerism. Yankee Doodle’s then called our names and we proceeded to drink up and play pool–terribly, might I add. We wandered to the beach and pretended we had upper body strength… until the rope and rings proved us wrong. So we just laid on the beach staring up at the cloudy, light-polluted sky and chatted until the drunchies took over. The group opted for In-N-Out, blasting YG Radio on Pandora on the way there. It was a great day, indeed. Holidays are nice, especially when spent with fun folks. Oh, was I supposed to recount what the July 4th holiday is about?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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