Do you have any random goals?

Is there anything you just HAVE to do before you die?

We grow up, experience different things, and set out on a path to be this or that, make a sum of money, maybe attain a certain level of prestige. Or we might just prioritize living comfortably, being happy, and making it to the weekend.

But do you have anything random you just NEED to do? Something seemingly unrelated to your schooling, career path, and life goals?

My ideal self in an artist. I, of all people, think everything is art… from writing to cooking, and even getting up in the morning. But I want to be an artist in the traditional sense. Put material to medium to create meaning.

Some people who know me would not consider this random. I’ve taken art history classes, I seek art in my everyday life, and I’ve managed an art gallery. But to my ideal self, I’m just standing on the sidelines, witnessing greatness and refusing to be a part of it.

Before I die, I want my artwork to be featured in an exhibition.

What is your random goal?



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