“Prayers Up”

Thoughts, love, good vibes, prayers. I wish for all this positivity to reach the people affected by today’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon. And all of the other happenings around the world that have gone unnoticed, for whatever reason.

It’s amazing to realize how much faith people have, no matter their beliefs or what stage they’re at in terms of spirituality. When senseless acts of violence like this occur, which I’ve seen far too many of in my lifetime, we are brought back to our own humanity. I scrolled through countless tweets and clicked links on Facebook. I looked at photos, read about the victims… in an effort to avoid becoming numb to events like these. There were travel advisories and reports of beefed-up security. Are we really meant to consume every single detail thrown at us in real time? Are we invading privacy, increasing awareness, forming camaraderie?

I hope that our fellow humans won’t be overcome with hysteria, bitterness, or distrust. But that we will continue to have faith and exude positivity in our everyday lives, not just when things like this happen. Anything can happen to anyone at any time… We should go out there and live our lives, without forgetting to prioritize, advocate, and progress in ways we believe we should.

Prayers up!

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