SBFBC: TDB Gamma Chapter Installs – Alpha Gamma Class

My birthday is so important, that Theta Delta Beta – Gamma Chapter organized an entire installs to celebrate!

…okay, maybe not. BUT it was nice to have my big bro come down for simultaneous celebrations. (I guess getting a new grandlil bro is cause for celebration, but really it’s just another opportunity to photowhore ourselves and shove the Sugar Plum Adventure down your throat.)

For those of you not familiar with Greek life, I am not in a sorority. (But there is nothing wrong with being in a sorority!) I did a little sis program during my first quarter of college and five years later, these folks are still in my life, celebrating my birthday with me. You can just think of them as my family away from home.

If you’ve ever heard whispers of my family line, the Sugar Plum Adventure, somewhere in the wind… it’s because we are the best family out there and we constantly make moves to enjoy life together. I will leave it at that. Haterz gon’ hate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s really unfair to even mention which class’ installs this was… oops! Also, SPA legs. It happens. Damn, I love my fam.

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