SBFBC: Sara the Wine Bar and Yen Sushi

Another part in the series of Small, But Frequent Birthday Celebrations…

A couple nights before March 1st, I went out with some of cool folks to a cute wine bar for dinner. It was called Sara the Wine Bar. Sara is a real person who owns the Wine Bar. In my efforts to be healthier, I’ve started drinking more red wine and less hard alcohol… and somehow that’s snowballed and I could be turning into a wino. Happy 23rd birthday to me!


Wine flights are an affordable way to sample a few types of wines, have a little fun, and figure out what kind of wine you should buy when you go to the grocery store. They also make for fun times with lovely ladies like these. It was so wonderful of them to make time for me randomly in the middle of the week. If you have friends like these, go out and spend some quality time together!


I also went out to dinner with my roommate/BFF, the only and only John Pants. I don’t call him John-Gabriel like all his fans do. We went in on some sushi at Yen Sushi in the Westfield Culver City mall. It was nice getting to spend time together, because even though we live together, we rarely see each other! I swear we don’t even need to be living in LA, but hey, it’s happening and we love it.

The celebrations leading up to my actual birthday were nice and relaxing. I caught up with friends over delicious food and drinks. This method of celebrating birthdays is quite fun! And I got to explore LA at the same time–remember I said I’d be doing that all least once a week? I still feel empty without the big ol’ Chino Hills celebration though…

More to come!

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