…and so began the small, but frequent birthday celebrations.

Since my birthday is on the first of March, I believe I have the right to celebrate all month. Totally logical. Since I had already committed to an event on my actual birthday and I had a huge house party in Chino Hills not too long ago, I decided to celebrate through small, but frequent birthday celebrations throughout March.

Being a first-of-the-month baby also means I am entitled to celebrating for part of February. This usually plays out by giving myself early birthday presents. Fortunately for me, that manifested in the form of a Justin Timberlake concert with some of the greatest folks I know. $100 to be packed like sardines into a tiny theater to witness the return of JT was more than worth it! Special guest appearances by Jay-Z and Timbaland didn’t hurt either. The man’s still got it! Okay, maybe he’s got it even more with those Tom Ford suits and Louboutins. He is phenomenal live–a true performer who appeals to the crowd with his talent and personality. How he has managed to keep his reputation relatively intact while staying so humble is beyond me, but I’m down. Before I write an essay on JT, here is proof showing how close we were.

IMG_2254 IMG_2266 IMG_2273 IMG_2277IMG_3131 IMG_3136

Watch out for the rest of the small, but frequent celebrations that helped me ring in my Jordan year!

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