Sunday Morning Creations

Today I rolled out of bed at noon… which is not that bad considering it should only be 11am! Thanks, DST -_-

Anyway, today, I rolled out of bed at noon to find the batch of bananas I bought a couple days ago is going bad. I did purchase 12 bananas for $3, so that might have something to do with it. Luckily, John has a Magic Bullet! After figuring out how to power it up, I threw two bananas, a handful of frozen berries, and four ice cubes in there and VOILA! A smoothie to go with my Saddle Ranch leftovers.

photo (8)That thing really is magical! I was concerned about caloric intake–it’s preposterous that people order smoothies to go with their meal when those could be a meal in itself. I’m sitting here like, “Damn, I’m trying to eat this BBQ chicken, rice, and spinach from last night adventures… I’m not trying to get hefty though.” But wait! This isn’t [insert smoothie chain here]! There is only fruit in here…fruit that would barely be a snack for me if I were to eat them in their original forms. Holy moly, no wonder people are so into their blenders!

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