Living Always – LA – Los Angeles

I love living in Los Angeles… especially Mid-City. They didn’t lie when they named this place on the map! In alignment with my spontaneous self, constantly seeking new adventures, I have decided to do (at least) one LA “thing” per week. Whether that is a restaurant, bar/lounge, museum… anything!

Last week, I went to a cardio barre class in Hollywood–I know, SO LA!–and right after, I decided to do some exploring. Amoeba Records was two blocks down from the cardio barre studio so I spent the remainder of my parking time wandering Amoeba’s bookshelves. I seem to find the best books at record stores.  At 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, there were quite a few people in line! And the book selection was wonderful. I didn’t even get a chance to browse the music, so I shall save that for another adventure.

photo (7)

It’s amazing how much there is to see and do in LA. I absolutely love living in a busy and bustling place. Folks should make it a point to explore where they live, even if it’s not a big city. Why go to the same restaurants and bars over and over? Why not see the world immediately around you, especially if you can’t travel often? Even living in a small-town can become more exciting if you make it a point to explore more. I can’t honestly say I’ve been to every place in Chino Hills, even though I was born and raised there. Get out there and do something, people!

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