Our Second Marine Corps Birthday Ball

This past Friday, Ezrael and I attended the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Greenville, North Carolina. Although it wasn’t as fabulous as partying in Las Vegas, I am definitely thankful for the chance to partake in these celebrations together. We arrived at the Hilton in Greenville prety early, as Ez was the narrator for the ball. He’s quite the big deal, I guess!

Narrating the Ball so beautifully

We waited quite a while to enter the ballroom and be seated… and of course, I was seated with a lot of higher-ups–Ez’s bosses, basically. I put my gameface on and mentally prepared myself for a night of niceties. Luckily, I was able to switch seats with a captain seated at a table full of lieutenants, although that wasn’t much fun either! The wives of the other lieutenants only really spoke to each other. We did all share some sentiments: the wait was too long, we were STARVING, the ballroom was set up horribly. Cool, at least we agreed on that.

Cake cake cake cake

The guest of honor, Mr. Gregg Troy, had some interesting anecdotes to share, long-winded as they were. He was the head coach of the 2012 Olympic Men’s Swim Team. So yes, he’s coached Phelps and Lochte. He also got to eat the first piece of cake after they cut it with the sword. [Did I mention Ez and I get to cut our wedding cake with a sword?]


Gregg Troy having the first piece

After sitting and standing throughout the ceremony (with Ez narrating!), dinner was finally served! Breaded chicken and some filet mignon, mmm! Then the birthday cake, which isn’t really the birthday cake that is ceremoniously cut–as I learned last year. We unintentionally left early, though I’m sure we didn’t miss much. Drab as this post made it sound, I actually had fun spending time with Ez. In case my blog hasn’t already told you, we don’t really see each other! Happy 237th Birthday to all the Marines out there :)

We clean up pretty well, don’t ya think?

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