A Nightly Routine

I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed and lost because of the relative lack of activity in my post-grad life. After doing some goal-setting in my “Designing Life After College” class, I decided my mental/physical health and well-being must be one of my top priorities. Now and forever. Til death do us part.

This includes my skin. We are only born with one skin! It’s crazy to think my little siopao baby rolls stretched into this fab 22-year-old self. Sure, I picked up some scars and imperfections along the way, but isn’t that just it? There is clear evidence of falling off my bike multiple times, cracking my forehead open on a Vegas hotel bed, and even learning how to shave my legs correctly. And yet, I will continue to wear this the rest of my life (option of cosmetic surgery aside).

I’ve began a new nightly routine, which includes a brand new bottle of Vaseline Total Moisture: Pure Oat Extract + Stratys (whatever that means), as well as Mary Kay’s TimeWise Miracle Set. This face system includes a 3-in-1 cleanser, day solution sunscreen, night solution, and age-fighting moisturizer. After all the chemicals I’ve put on my face in the past, this has left my skin feeling the most light and refreshed. And of course I’ve gotta go to whole nine yards with the lotion! I once read in a magazine that it’s best to apply lotion right after showering, while your skin is still moist, so that the lotion will be absorbed more effectively.

[Shameless plug: If you want to experience the magic of the TimeWise Miracle Set, lemme know! I can set you up with these bomb MK products.]

Of course working from the outside in only goes so far, so I am constantly drinking water throughout the day. Among various benefits to staying hydrated, it also keeps my skin and lips from getting extra chapped. Making water fun to drink is the key to drinking lots of it! My approach: Fat Tuesdays reusable cup. Screw your reusable Starbucks Venti iced drink cups. Just pretend it’s vodka or tequila and you’ll drink it like water! But make sure you fill it with water first, not vodka or tequila.

I don’t normally feel the urge to blog about products I use in my everyday life, but I’ve been sitting on the couch for the past 20 minutes feeling like I’m in a vat of lotion up to my nostrils! For those of you who don’t know, I can’t smell. That’s right: MY NOSE DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY. According to my medical records, the proper term would be “anosmia.” But for some reason, I can smell this lotion… did I really douse myself in that much? Or perhaps it’s because I applied it on my freshly bathed skin–a blank canvas, you might say.  Is this what freshly showered people smell like?

Some nighttime routines can be thoroughly relaxing and a great way to wind down after each day. Even just showering at night, which I used to hate, is a nice way to wash off the filth of the day. Don’t play like you don’t get down and dirty at work. My nighttime activities also include: jotting down thoughts in a notebook, checking Groupon/GoogleOffers/LivingSocial on my phone, and refreshing Instagram activity until nothing new appears for over 15 minutes. OH, and pondering all the amazing topics I should have blogged about during the day, but never got around to.

What do you do before you go to bed?

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