I used to buy albums, sometimes months after they were released, and learn the lyrics, beginning to end. When I first started driving, I would keep one CD in my car stereo for two months at a time and be satisfied listening to it, in order, again and again. I would also hum the tune of the next song during the space in between songs… when I heard a certain song on a radio come to an end, I always started singing the song that would follow it on the album. Limp Bizkit, Relient K, Yellowcard, Mae, Josh Groban–a weird assortment of music that 16-year old Donnaly would cling to. I always searched for words to inspire me, speak to my soul, be my next AIM profile or MySpace Status-filler.

I loved bonding with classmates over albums, old and new, dissecting the lyrics and pretending I could tell the difference between Fall Out Boy’s and Panic! at the Disco’s lead singers. I swore I knew more about music and beats than the next person because I was in drumline and marching band. And choir. But hey, *NSync really is more musically talented and better at blending than the Backstreet Boys. Ask a professional.

My obsession with lyrics, punk music, alternative, indie, pop music and all the rest was cemented by One Tree Hill. A typical teen drama centered around basketball, but grounded in literature and music. Nerd alert! I would always have my computer prepared to type out the final words at the end of each show… so I could have an amazing status update. 16 was a profound age for me! Lucas always knew what to say and was a great reference books to read.

I’m going to buy more CDs. Downloading music was never my thing… I was always scared of getting caught and hated having to fix misspelled, poorly punctuated song titles. I love being able to support an artist whose music resounds with me. You know, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber… the usual.

2 thoughts on “MMHMM

  1. I just bought Lana Del Rey’s Paradise and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ The Heist. Both are great albums. I buy albums to keep in my car and download albums to keep in my phone, it’s a great way to support artists you really like while still getting a taste of music you otherwise wouldn’t be able to :D

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