Workcation: San Diego Edition

Last weekend, I went down to San Diego to work my first Open House. Open Houses are essentially all-day events where prospective students come to learn more about Academy of Art University, speak to Admissions Representatives, and even apply. My hotel was paid for by my work… and Lord know when I’m out of town, I like to make the most of it. A couple weeks ago, I told my mom I would be in San Diego for a day and the conversation went something like this:

Me: I’m going to San Diego for a work event.

Mommy: Oh, I have a friend there. I want to go with you. And eat good food.

So that’s what we did! My work trips turn into my mom’s vacations–she did stay with me for three days in San Francisco while I was training.

We checked into the Westin San Diego around 6pm on Saturday night; Mom re-did her make-up and I prepped my work outfit for the next day. After Yelping for quite sometime on my phone (how does the Westin not have free in-room Wi-Fi?), we finally decided on the popular Phil’s BBQ for dinner. I was NOT down to wait in the infamous line that wraps around the surrounding buildings so we called in our order and took it to go. Mom was so intrigued that customers would wait in such a long line for food so she had to have it.

In front of the restaurant, checking out the line that wrapped around multiple stores

After waiting 10 minutes in the pick-up line and another 10 minutes for our food to be wrapped, we finally made our way back to the hotel and chomped on some delicious meat! It was fun watching mom enjoy her food SO much.

Half a BBQ Chicken with vegetables and Baby Back Ribs with fries and cole slaw

On Sunday, I worked from 9am-5:30pm. Pretty manageable… always on my toes. Great practice for the crazy LA and OC Open Houses that took place this weekend. Mom had lunch and watched a movie with her friend while I worked. As we were about to head back to Chino Hills, we got hungry. Of course.

Extraordinary Desserts was just a couple blocks from the hotel, so we made an expensive pit stop there for some sweet treats and John’s birthday gifts. Yes, I spent $40 on desserts.

Mom posing with some delicious delicacies

Getting away with our goodies

Creme brulee tart, chocolate raspberry cupcake, cocada, blueberry coffee cheesecake, chocolate scone, and marble cheesecake

We left with our goods and set our sights on Lolita’s. Mom needed to try the carne asada fries! She also had some beef tacos, and marveled at the homemade tortilla shells.

Definitely covered some premium SD tourist eateries in our 24 hours there. I’m glad I was able to find (a lot of) downtime during a work weekend and also show my mom a good time! Feels good to be able to do that :) I’m becoming an adult now, huh? Enjoy your time with your parents… they won’t be around forever!

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