For Insecurity’s Sake, from a Twentysomething

Borrowed this from Ana’s Facebook.

We are ALL about highlight reels. Heck, they’re even built into wedding videography packages,  specifically for the purpose of posting online to rub your wedding in the face of all who did not attend. We are constantly updating our social networks with our pay days, promotions, vacations, meals, and other various adventures. Our lives are only as exciting as the number of “likes” we get–the validation from society that what we are doing is what everyone else wishes they were doing.

Isn’t it interesting that we can “Facebook-stalk” our family, friends, and aquaintances and begin to feel jealous towards how great their lives seem? Wake up! People are posting the best pictures, most fun nights, and craziest stories. Why would they post anything that’s unflattering, unexciting, and mundane? That doesn’t bring them attention, which is what they’re looking for, after all. If that’s not the case, why even post things on such a public forum? Keeping your friends updated with your life doesn’t count. That’s what quality time is for.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to Facebook. [I am quite the attention-grabber, I would know.]

It takes a lot of courage and self-actualization to stop comparing ourselves to others. Whenever I’m goal-setting, planning my next move, and my future… I constantly worry if it’s big enough or fast enough. But compared to who? My only real competitor is myself. I do what I need to do to satisfy my own thirsts. This is especially fitting, as I am planning a dream wedding on a budget. And making a life for myself in LA, while in a long-distance engagement. Unsubscribe from that friend with an awesome life, if that’s what it takes! Stop looking at your model friend’s bikini pics if it only brings you to self-loathing. Spend your time elsewhere, focusing on you and making the most of who you are and what you have. At the very least, go on Pinterest and make something for yourself instead of just “liking” an Instagram picture of a home-made somethingorother.

This guy is right, our lives aren’t comparable. Sure, I may not follow the same beliefs or hold the same values that he does. But isn’t that just it? One thing we can all agree on is that none of us are the same.

Let’s start living ours and stop wishing we had someone else’s. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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