Take Notes. Or Classes.

Do you ever have a ton of activities/priorities/obligations on your plate, but somehow still want more? Or decide on more because there are too many good opportunities to pass up?


Yeah, that’s me.

Blah blah blah, wedding planning, new job, moving back to LA, blah blah blah. One of the benefits at my work is that full-time employees get to take one tuition-free class every semester. (One class costs approximately $2,300.) Oh, but then I have to buy all the supplies. Not to mention the time commitment and initiative necessary to succeed in an online course–I can’t exactly take classes in SF…

But wait, I have ALWAYS wanted to take art classes.

Oh, the first week is almost over? Can I catch up? I spend my weekends at bridal shows, at Disneyland, or sleeping…

Let me test this whole “personal development” deal that I constantly preach. Fashion Illustration, here I come!

I guess this is what they mean by Fashion Illustration

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