Ruminating as I Enter Week 2 of Training

  • How did I get so lucky to have someone who challenges and encourages me, motivates me, makes me laugh, and lets me feel alive? Among a million other traits, characteristics, dispositions, etc… Continue thinking of the other mushy, surreal, and annoyingly awesome traits of a lover/friend/significant other of which you’ve only dreamed.
  • Week 1 of training has been intense–changing your mindset can really change the game. Yes, I can’t wait for my first paycheck. But I also can’t wait to really dig into my duties as an Outreach Representative.
  • [Knowledge + Skill Set + Procedures&Processes] x Mindset = Exceptional Performance
  • After much discussion and reflection with Matt and Kelly, I’ve seen how my experiences at UCLA have prepared me so much for the “real world,”–more than I thought upon commencement and even during job interviews. No matter how “over it,” or tired I might have been from my various involvements… those things gave me SO many tools and perspectives that have proven to be a great advantage in my early post-graduate life. I am valuing my time college experience more with each passing day.
  • Working a 9-6 job is super tiring, no matter how much you enjoy your work. Shows me the need to step up my health&wellness game in terms of time management, fitness, and a better diet. Gotta hop onto that work-life balance train!
  • Avoiding packaged, processed snacks is difficult and expensive, especially when you don’t have a kitchen. I am currently snacking on Mott’s pre-sliced apples and a cup of chopped watermelon pieces from Walgreen’s. Who buys groceries from a drugstore?
  • Lifelong friendships seem hard to come by at this point in life. Investing in such relationships is definitely worth it. It’s crazy and inspiring that I have friends all over the country doing big things, following their heart, affecting positive change in this world and I hope to hold onto these people as we continue to grow.

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