That’s that real “real life.”

When it rains, it pours. And the blessings are raining down on me right now. It’s wonderful.

I will be starting my career, forreals this time, with the Academy of Art University as the Northern Los Angeles Outreach Representative. Basically I get to talk all day and be a resource for students to get to the biggest art school in the nation. Although the school is in San Francisco, my position is based in LA and requires 75% travel. Public speaking, art, students, travel… how did I get so lucky? All the things I love wrapped up into one AND I get paid for it? YES.

I am flying to SF on Sunday to complete a one-month training program… how sick is it that I get to spend a month in the Bay? With per diem for all my meals? In a fancy hotel? Pretty sick, if I may say so myself. And those are just the perks. I get to represent an amazing university in which creative minds get to explore their craft and realize their potential. I also have the opportunity to attend different events such as fashion shows, gallery auctions and film festivals.

Getting this job is a dream come true and it’s only the beginning. I’m SO glad I didn’t settle for the lucrative, yet unsuitable, opportunity where I found myself about a month ago. In this day and age of huge student loan debt, a focus on practicality, and a struggle to maintain our individuality while finding out place in society, we cannot forget our dreams. Even though it took me a little longer than I had hoped–I finished school in March–I earned a position that suits me and will undoubtedly challenge me to take initiative, exercise leadership, and continue to expand my communication skills. Snaps for personal development!

Who said getting married at this age is constricting? Surely, they didn’t see me coming. Rather than dwelling on the thought that “there could be something better out there” or wondering how I could explore other continents and careers because I’m “tied down,” we’ve chosen to find those better things and take on those new experiences together. Ezrael and I have a bunch more things we want to accomplish before our time here is done. We challenge and motivate each other, instead of thinking of our relationship as a mere extraneous commitment to be factored into bigger life decisions. But I do suppose finding that person and making sure you two can stick together is another feat in itself.

If only everyone could open their minds and perspectives to find that driving force–it doesn’t have to be a lover, friend, or even a person–to help them realize their dreams and experience contentment. Amidst the journey toward those goals, it’s also nice to consider the other things that make the ride worthwhile… like bridesmaids and groomsmen! That’s right, we’ve got all the people in place for our bridal party! We are on the smaller end of the big side :P And we are super excited to include more friends and family in different roles in our celebration because Lord knows it’s gonna be a little large.

“Real life” is shaping up pretty well! New career, bridesmaids&groomsmen at the ready, and I get to marry the man of my dreams? Not too bad.

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