Our Wedding Chronicles: Impromptu Engagement Celebrations

Last week was hectic, to say the least! In the past eight days of our engagement, we’ve had impromptu celebrations, found a venue, identified a potential caterer and created an overall vision for our wedding. As I was pinning my morning away, my mom looked over my shoulder and told me “You really are making a dream wedding.”

That’s right.

But before we get to the knitty gritty, and even while we’re weathering the storm, Ezrael and I cannot forgot to celebrate this momentous period in our lives. Getting married is a pretty big deal when you step back from the wedding and look at the bigger picture.

Immediately after Ez proposed, we had drinks at The W in Westwood with a few friends and and had the fanciest drunk food at Bossa Nova.

The After-After-Party at Bossa Nova

The Saturday after Ez proposed, we made our way up to San Jose to see his family. Of course we had to call up Jur (my big bro) and Kevin (Ez’s lil bro). The night was filled with drinks at Bruno’s in SF followed by dinner (breakfast?) at Cafe Colma in the Lucky Chances casino. That place was poppin’ with the titos and titas right at 1AM after all their money was gambled away.

Bigs & Lils celebrating in the Bay

After dinner with Ez’s family (my new family!) on Sunday evening, we rented a movie and wanted to chill out before the long drive back to LA early the next morning. We had a bright idea at 10pm to host an engagement celebration get-together of sorts, which would have to happen the next day since Ez was leaving Tuesday morning. But as I said, we must seize our chances to celebrate, especially because the times we see each other (let alone party together!) are few and far between. So the Facebook invite went out and we decided to show up to The Wellesbourne at 9pm on a Monday night to party with whoever was down. We figured we should shoot for somewhere with a little more class, because Heaven knows our most frequented West LA spots are a little bit of trash. Hooters or BrewCo, anyone? The Wellesbourne has the the feel of Hogwarts with the dim lighting, couches, fireplace, and books lining the walls. Not to mention the foosball and shuffleboard tables–because they totally have that in the Harry Potter books.

Hey SF!

Part of my CAC Fam

Lovely ladies in the Hogwarts Common Room

Friends from Chino Hills

Heyy, ladiiiiiies!

For the millionth time, we’re engaged!

I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout! There were about 25 people there to share a drink with us, catch up, and chat about the future. It was really nice to see the dedication in our friendships–short notice, Monday night at a bar? No problem! Knowing that our love matters to other people is such a great feeling. Not to mention that little buzz of elation that comes with downing a few Pimm’s Cups.

Thank you to everyone who made it out and has been there for us, from the start of our relationship to the start of our engagement. I know we’re bound to have a few more of these gatherings along the way. I am not messing around with this wedding planning business–I already got crazy with an events coordinator this week to secure our dream venue! But that’s another chapter in Our Wedding Chronicles…

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