Our Wedding Chronicles: The Proposal

Friday, July 6th, 2012 was an amazing day. Ezrael and I were celebrating our three-year anniversary. Yes, three years ago, we sat in my living room and changed our Facebook statuses together–“In a Relationship.” FBO was a pretty big deal.

We saw Brave in 3D at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to start off our special day. They had an all-new stageshow, which I was super excited to see.

Then we got ready for a nice dinner at Boa Steakhouse in Santa Monica. We were supposedly meeting Josh for drinks after… which had me pretty frustrated! Here we were out on the town for our anniversary and somehow it was a priority to meet up with Josh at a bar? Right. But I couldn’t say no. Being in a long-distance relationship sometimes makes me want to be selfish with the short time I have with Ez, but he rarely comes to the Best Coast so I couldn’t deny him time to spend with his friends. I started letting go of my suspicions about the proposal happening that night.

Boa was pretty hip–dim lighting, lots of tables cramped into a small space with eclectic decor, low booths so everyone could see each other, and loud music to top it off. After a delicious meal of ahi tuna, salmon, and bamboo steamed vegetables, our server brought out a dessert we did not order and let us know another family had taken care of our entire meal: drinks, dinner, dessert, and tip. Apparently, one of the family members had also served in the Marine Corps [Ez was wearing his dress blues]. If somehow, someway Timothy Feige is reading this… THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your generosity is much appreciated and we promise to extend the same gesture to another young Marine Corps couple should we happen upon their celebration. As we were leaving, our server also let us know three other people offered to pay for our dinner as well, but it had already been taken care of. People sure do appreciate a man in uniform!

We walked over to 3rd Street Promenade to “meet up with Josh.” As we stood at the end of the Promenade near Santa Monica Place, Ez suddenly turned to me and confessed his love for me in a way I’ve never heard before. He’s not one for mushy words, but he pulled them out right when he needed to! It was as if the world around us went on mute, as I listened to his brief but meaningful proclamation about why we should spend the rest of our lives together. And then he pulled out a red wooden box and got down on one knee…

Will you marry me?

I covered my mouth with my hand and started tearing up. I even asked if he was sure he wanted to deal with me forever–I can’t even handle myself sometimes! I finally said yes and he put that beautiful ring on my finger. Right then, a huge group of people to my right started cheering and clapping and I was brought back to reality. A wonderful reality in which my family and many of my closest friends witnessed one of the happiest moments of my life. My parents, sister, friends, and TDB folks seemed to have materialized out of nowhere. The whole proposal fit my personality so well.

Let me know if you find us on YouTube! A lot of shoppers stopped in their tracks to take a video, snap a photo, and cheer for us as well.

We headed over to Santa Monica Place for a little photoshoot with Josh Rivera, the Best Man himself! A huge thanks to him for basically orchestrating this whole event and being gracious enough to take the photos too! [Josh, I told you I was pulling for you to be the Best Man!] And this is why. Josh has always been a supportive brother to Ez in all kinds of times, from OCS graduation to our engagement… and that’s just been in the time that I’ve known them.




It was such a great way to celebrate our three-year anniversary. Ez and I have been through so much together and I’m ecstatic to start a new chapter in our book of love. Let the wedding planning begin!

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