Back on the Prowl

Even amidst the grad ceremonies, parties, spontaneous adventures and celebrations… I’m constantly contemplating my next move.

After 3 interesting days at my first real job… I’ve found myself back on the job hunt in search of something more intrinsically rewarding. I’m glad that it only took me a few days to realize the value of my work lies more in my contribution to society and less in fiscal rewards. I did not spend the last 4 years of college exploring and advocating for issues of identity, culture, community, and social justice to give it up for monetary gain.  Yes, I do have student loan payments coming up and one of my main priorities is becoming financially independent, but money cannot be everything. A part of me feels as if I wasted the headstart I got from graduating a quarter early, but all that matters at this point is finding a great fit. Resetting to the beginning of my post-grad life is purely about seizing, even creating, opportunities for myself that suit my interests and passions. I am beyond excited to really take on the world in my own way.

As much as I want to create photo essays about all the wonderful events from the past few weeks, I must move forward and there is no better time than now. But don’t worry, recap blogs are on their way! Just expect them to be intertwined with a lot of reflection and rambling as I dig into the post-graduate world and cling to what’s really important in life.

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