Filipino Night at Dodgers Stadium

Where there are Filipinos and food, we will be there. On June 13th, Wendy treated us to Filipino Night at Dodgers Stadium to celebrate our parents’ 26th wedding anniversary. We rarely have family outings so it was quite an interesting/entertaining night.

My lovely parents

We got free shirts. Size XL, of course.

We were seated in the Coca-Cola All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion, which means I ate just because I could. Gluttony at its finest!

The LA Kings (yes, the entire team) threw the first pitch with the Stanley Cup on the field. They had just won it for the first time a couple nights prior. I don’t follow all sports closely, but I know I’ve got love for LA. Pretty cool to get to share in a piece of the celebration.

This is Mom trying to escape the cold.

I think “L” was supposed to be for LA, and not loser… but the Dodgers did lose that night.

Clearly, I don’t watch baseball very much… but it was a fun night! I saw many Filipino I personally know from Chino Hills and LA. Inevitable if you’re in a crowd of Filipinos. Dante Basco was also there–because you know, he’s super important. All in all, I had a great time with my family, which is hard to come by nowadays. Thanks for the tickets, Wendy!

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