Sharing Poop Stories: An Ode to DJJC

Like I’ve said before, I thought I formed all close friendships at the beginning of college. The rest was just business. WRONG.

These boys keep me sane and make me crazy. It doesn’t help that we call ourselves “DJJC” and insist it sounds like a lightning bolt striking something… because lightning totally makes noise, not thunder. How is it that I came across this group of grown-ass-men through a Sociology program in NYC, only to find out that they’re just a bunch of big kids with facial hair? And freakish drinking abilities. Why is it that we can share poop stories, honest opinions of each other and our tastes, shed light on each other’s dumber moments, and turn the soberest of intentions into the most disastrous of nights? “Have your heard of Dead MAU Five?” “Cypher’s coming out tonight.” “What the shit?” “Gonealy!” SO MUCH YES.

Sociology Department Commencement | June 16th, 2012

Throwback to Down the Hatch | Greenwich Village, NYC

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