30-Day Challenge, Day 7: My Zodiac Sign and if I Think It Fits My Personality

Well, well, well… I’ve found myself looking back to this “challenge” for blogging inspiration. I was simply going to pick the topics I felt most compelled by, but I’d be missing opportunities for growth and reflection if I went down that path.

Anyway, I’m not a firm believer in Zodiac signs and how they dictate people’s personality and behavior. Growing up, I always read horoscopes in the back of my teeny bopper magazines. To assure myself it was bologna, I would read horoscopes other than mine to prove to myself they are written in a vague, general sense to feign reality or omnipotence. I never really gave Zodiac signs much thought aside from that. I don’t know where to find “reliable sources” or concrete, trustworthy Zodiac descriptions… but I suppose the internet is a good place to start.

My good friend, Jason Smith, knows a lot about Zodiac signs. He is a Pisces, like myself… but he has told me February and March Pisces differ. I think it’s awesome that someone can know what types of personalities and tendencies are associated with all the signs. Sometimes we’ll be mid-conversation and Jason will stop someone, ask them their sign, and then follow-up with a comment that goes something like, “That explains why you act that certain way.” I think his knowledge of signs fascinates me more than the signs themselves, probably because I’ve never gotten the chance to research them or reflect on my own belief in astrology.

My fabulous friend, Jason Smith

Alas, that is not the bare point of this post. I’m basing my connotations and understanding of what it means to be a Pisces on this website, because I am a 21st Century woman and it was the top hit on Google. According to the website, Pisces is one of the Mutable Signs, “which are the adaptable and interchangeable signs capable of molding and modifying circumstances and conditions in life.” I believe I embody this. While understanding I am not all-powerful and in charge of what happens in my life due to societal bounds and interdependent systems, I do think I possess a certain manipulative quality. This motivates and allows me to turn odds in my favor. This could be seen as “selfish” or it could be seen as something greater, when considered outside of myself. While I could merely be thinking about situations that only affect me, I could also be thinking about issues I am engaged with or groups/communities of which I am a member. To this extent, my ability to mold and modify circumstances and conditions could hold a greater benefit that one would think. Looking back on my college experience, I can see some instances where I may not have been the “key” player, but my influence has certainly swayed situations in the direction I saw fit. This does not come purely from being a Pisces or being Donnaly Natividad. This comes from my personality, my communication skills, and my perspective. I think a huge part of this also manifests itself in my deep belief in personal development. When there may be no direct benefit to me in a situation, I see otherwise… and everything that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow, if nothing else. You could say that I always get something out of every situation.

Following are some bullets describing the Pisces personality and how I identify with them:

  • Spiritually developed character. Yes, very much so, yes.
  • Suffused with feeling and empathy. Compassionate and unconditionally loving. Agreed. I have a certain love for people that is not always rational, definitely emotionally-driven. But this does not mean ALL people.
  • I help where I can; it is second nature for me to help those in need. I do help where I can, and as my mother is teaching me: It is better to be helping those in need when they are asking a lot from you than to be the one in need. It means I am fortunate.
  • I am looked to by my friends in times of stress and need. I reassure and calm them. I do believe I keep it real for my friends and I am a valuable resource for insight and perspective.
  • My sensitive nature makes me avoid hard decisions sometimes. I need to learn to balance my needs with those of others. Here is my first point of disagreement. I am extremely selfish in my intentions, as I know I am the only person I can REALLY depend on.
  • I am an intuitive person who prefers to solve my life problems using my emotions and deeper intuitive powers. My instincts are powerful and usually correct. I can foresee things before they happen.  I need to learn to develop my thinking processes as much as my intuitive feelings. TRUE. Except I disagree with the last part. No matter how many pros/cons list I make or how I rationalize a solution, I prefer to go with my instincts.
  • I have an instinctive understanding of a unifying thread throughout all of life, which I sometimes see more clearly than the real world. Culture is important to me and I love to surround myself with artwork, music, poetry, and fine furnishings. YES, YES, YES. Is this not evident through my museum internship, my art gallery management, my blog posts, my involvement with marching band, drumline, and choir… my LIFE. All I want to do in life is become financially stable and partake in a bunch of cultural, pretentious bullshit.
  • I need the support of others around me to express my slew of emotions. Because I am so hypersensitive, I may absorb the negativity of others around me–I must not let others drag me down. Eh, I find this to be kinda false. Unless you, oh blogosphere, are considered to be the “others” providing the support through which I can express my emotions.
  • I am idealistic about the world and what I see does not follow this aspiration so I must learn to accept the world with all its faults. So, so false. I was a sociology major, political science minor. If there is one thing I learned, it is that we can be idealistic about nothing. We are living in a series of social constructions and are driven by selfishness in all of our actions.
  • I need loving friends to keep me grounded so my creative dream doesn’t become impractical. I am gentle, impressionable, and receptive.  I want to share my emotions and I am happy to receive the demonstrative love of others. True to an extent… but I don’t think my creative dream is ever going to become impractical. Talk to me in 10 years.
  • I try to hide how sensitive I am and I suppress my feelings when someone insults me, causing me to be depressed. I like to call this “composure” and I do not get depressed at the criticism of others. I know who I am, what I am about, and accept challenges as I see fit.
  • I enjoy my own company, but I am equally comfortable in a social environment. Sometimes I feel isolated and disconnected from life, making me feel dispassionate even when I am enjoying what’s going on. So true! If you follow me on Tumblr and WordPress, you would definitely know this about me.
  • I am an observer of human nature and I realize nothing lasts forever. True. See: major and minor.
  • My destiny is primarily connected to wisdom, self-knowledge and compassionate service to the world.  I must be free to live on these terms–if I am able to do so, I will be much more secure with myself while bringing satisfaction to those who are lucky enough to come into contact with me. YES, YES, YES. Let everybody know–I’m bringing satisfaction to people out here!
  • I am in the class of Pisces born between March 1 and 10, meaning I am particularly attached to my kith and kin and I excel in sharing love in my close personal relationships. I am loyal and make everyone feel comfortable in my company. Yes. And to that last part–that is key in turning situations in my favor. I once tweeted “Ride-or-dies only, please” and my friend Matt Abularach tweeted back, “People are gonna use you, the key is to learn how to use them back.” So much said in two tweets.

Do you think I fit the Pisces description?

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