Revisiting Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveShow

This man is an amazing performer and I really do miss seeing his shows. I swear, when the FutureSex/LoveShow DVD was released on Black Friday in 2007, I rushed straight for the DVD section and grabbed three before I thought of any other steals I needed from consumerism’s holiday. You better believe I pushed people down getting through that door at 5am.

Really though, performing in full suits? And you know he knows how to move. And from the looks of this video, he’d let you know, in case you missed it via minute-long dance solo. The musical arrangement of this entire show was just phenomenal… even just the remix of “My Love” at the beginning of this video, reminiscent of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show performance. I get worked up about that one too! First of all, the tie pin kills me… second, glitter from the pocket… and closing it out with a groove section? These performances were never boring. Every moment was new and exciting, keeping the audience on their toes.

Of course, he had to do tequila shots (my fave) and show off his multiple musical talents, from singing and guitar to piano and even the keytar. It’s obvious I can’t handle this–even after all these years! The back up singers and the band are decked out, dancing all over the place… not to mention the dancers who are ON POINT. All the time. Having a stage in-the-round… JT was such a performer who wanted to please each and every member of the audience and give that full experience. Every thing about this show was so beautiful, innovative, intimate, and interesting all at the same time. FutureSex/LoveShow was the whole package. The amazing thing is that they didn’t need fancy costumes, crazy special effects, or magic tricks.

I came across this video because I was watching Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video, which of course led me to *NSync’s “Girlfriend” video. While I was watching JB’s video, I thought about how cute it was and that I’m sure adolescent girls swoon at the sight of him serenading pretty ladies around fast cars. I remembered just how enamored I was with Justin Timberlake and THANK HEAVEN YouTube suggests related videos, which brought me to this. And every feeling of being overwhelmed by such an amazing performer flooded back. I absolutely love that *NSync and JT were my heartthrobs during my pre-teen and teenage years because damn, just look at this! I hope this man is not done with his musical career because the world would be so deprived! It’s just so obvious that he loves his craft and his fans, just listen to that charm. JT can get it.

I need to be more appreciative of online video streaming. Back in my day, I would manually record every performance on TV onto a VHS tape. Trust, there were stacks of *NSync videotapes and I watched them daily. It’s crazy that I can just type relevant words in a search bar and instantly find these shows from 2006 and 2007. Paying homage to JT is just so easy now!

“It’s HBO–I can make that joke. Fuck you.”

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