Our Weekend in Raleigh: Day 3

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Our packed Saturday was cause for sleeping in so we rolled to lunch around 11:30 on Sunday. We hit up Lily’s Pizza, at the recommendation of the Raleigh Visitor’s Guide as a “cheap eat.” We ordered stuffed mushrooms and the Corporate Greed specialty pizza. Oh, yes. The wait for the food was definitely worth it. The place had some interesting bathrooms, too.

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After lunch, we made our way to the final stop on our tourist adventures: North Carolina Museum of Art. It was two buildings, surrounded by Museum Park, which had acres of trails and outdoor art along the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to explore the park due to rain. Weather is so weird in NC. We started in the exhibitions building which had temporary contemporary exhibitions, as well as the ticketed El Anatsui exhibition. El Anatsui lives and works in Nigeria and his art spans across multiple genres–definitely a mixed medium type of guy. A lot of his more recent work utilizes found objects, such as liquor bottle tops, of which he creates huge sheets. Displaying these sheets is another art it itself–quite amazing really. I’m glad I had the chance to see such an exhibition.

The West Building housed the permanent collections, spanning all types of time periods from Ancient to Classical, American and Contemporary and everything in between. This museum was quite different than other fine arts museums I’ve been to in LA and NYC per se. Curating so many pieces in a small space creates such different conversations between pieces… even placing American Art from different times periods next to each other seems a little off. But it’s certainly refreshing to come into an institution expecting to adhere to a particular demeanor and then be pushed to see things a little differently.


El Anatsui (permanent collection)–made from liquor bottle tops and wire 




All in all, I LOVED Raleigh. It’s a huge city, with a small town feel. And a beautiful place with an endless amount of things to do, see, and eat. Definitely tourist-friendly too. It’s always delightful to explore a new place with your significant other–somewhere you’ve both never been. As difficult as it is for Ez to live so far away, it’s pretty cool that we constantly get to explore this big world. I guess wanderlust is a little more manageable in a long-distance relationship. I’m happy to have checked Raleigh, North Carolina off my long list of places to see.

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