On Today’s Protests Against SOPA and PIPA

I never post the same content on my Tumblr and WordPress because they serve different purposes to me, but I felt compelled to do so because I am pretty surprised by what I’ve been seeing today.

I find it odd that so many students are legitimately concerned about their own homework because Wikipedia (and various other high-traffic websites) are blacked out today in protest of SOPA and PIPA.

When I was in high school, my English teachers made it very clear that Wikipedia would never be accepted as a legitimate research source. As a result, I don’t frequent the site for homework purposes. Sure, I use it as a reference every once in a while, but I know I could find the information I need from other resources. I always thought Wikipedia was an awesome place to go primarily to geek out over whatever tickles your fancy or piques your curiosity. I know these concerned students are not actually going to cite Wikipedia or even mention where they actually found the meat of their information (another problem in itself), but I guess I never realized how much students rely on Wikipedia to be a “successful” student. In a university system, I thought we let go of taking that easy way out. Seems I had more faith in my fellow students than they have in themselves.

3 thoughts on “On Today’s Protests Against SOPA and PIPA

  1. Lazy kids. The funny thing is that our school provides access to numerous journals for free that are so much more reliable than wiki.
    But Wikipedia does have the upper-hand when it comes to most recent data. So using it as a starting base to learn the current state of the topic at hand makes sense. But of course, there are students who are going to use it as their final source of info.

  2. I am so glad I’m not the only observer to question Wikipedia. Even have an article about the blackout on my own blog – a whole different approach but a similar debate on validity. It is definitely NOT for research use and I get especially irritated at “…but I found it on Wikipedia so it must be so.” Ugh! We have some things in common: I grew up in California. Cerritos. So I know where UCLA and UCSB are. Like yourself I majored in Art and angsted over office hours and everything collegiate. That was in New York by the way. Nice blog. I like our common interests so will be checking in on your posts. Take care!

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