Pre-Winter Quarter Freak-Out

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and I’m attempting to grasp what’s left of the calm before the storm that is Winter Quarter 2012.

Just this week, I have a ton of meetings, two days FULL of classes (9a-6:30p), I’m starting my internship, going to the People’s Choice Awards, hitting up Disneyland, and doing a gallery installation on top of various other necessary life processes. Let’s hope I don’t forget to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom during this whirlwind of a week.  It’s crazy to look at my calendar and realize the next five weeks will be similarly stacked. I haven’t even figured out when I’ll be traveling to North Carolina yet.

It’s been quite difficult not blowing all my financial aid on going out these past couple of days. I definitely went to Dave & Buster’s on Friday and Round 1 last night :X Not to mention eating at restaurants a couple of times. Let’s get on with the post-Financial Literacy-Campaign-version of Donnaly already!

85 Degrees bakery, Kula Revolving Sushi Bar, and Yogurtland in Irvine with Kato

Liquid cocaine and two jackpots at Dave & Buster's in Orange

I just ordered a bed frame. I’ve lived in my condo for almost 6 months and still have no bed frame… I was just grateful to have time to sleep! I’ll be there til the end of July though, might as well pimp it out. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I’ll have time to decorate my room. And clean out all the clothes in my closet I don’t wear. I swear, I hold on to the most random articles of clothing, convinced they will be necessary in the near future. Yeah, RIGHT.

As I’m thinking of how else to let my apprehensions about winter quarter go, I realized I didn’t do a POA for the quarter… oops. Should probably get to that sometime tonight. After I pack all my stuff. And go buy gallery supplies, clean my condo, and go grocery shopping. Yes.

The point is to enjoy it all and take it a day at time. Life is too short to complain about all these opportunities I decided to grab. It’s reassuring that I’m actually excited about each and every one of the things I’m doing this quarter, even the classes. Perhaps the thrill of learning and growing will keep me afloat, if not thriving.

I should spend some time outside today. It’s quite beautiful out there.

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