30-Day Challenge, Day 2: Where I’d Like to be in 10 Years

In ten years, I will be 31 years young.

I remember writing a story in my senior year Psychology class about my life in the future. It had something to do with my career, where I live, my loving husband, and my two kids.

In ten years, I want to be hot (still). This will come as a result of being happy and healthy ;)

I can list the easy stuff too. I will be married to this guy:

No, not Mr. Potato Head...

I hope to have 2 kids by then (out of 4). Ez only wants 3 kids, but then someone will have to ride alone when we go to Disneyland and that’s no fun. It’s my decision how many kids we’ll have because let’s face it, Ez. What are you gonna do? Abstain? :P

Ideally, we’ll be living back in SoCal–I can’t handle the cold in NorCal… I don’t know how I’m going to brave East Coast winters for a few years. Living in Chino Hills would be nice, or the OC, if we can afford it. I think I could settle down in San Diego as well. I am worried about the public education system, however. Ez and I have considered living in a couple other states for the sake of our kids’ schooling. I’d like to have a Master’s degree by then, because if I don’t finish it before I start having kids, I think I may never finish it. I want to be established in some sort of career that has to do with art–preferably in a museum or in art therapy.

I want to have a steady routine that allows for flavor when I need/want it. I hope this routine includes blogging, cooking, traveling, and lots of cuddling. And doggies, too. Pretty ones. They must all be as pretty as this guy:

Yes, our dogs will be models. For us, at least.

I hope Ez and I never fall into a boring routine… or live constantly stressed. In ten years, I want to be comfortable and content. I [still] want to feel like I have the whole world at my fingertips and I [still] want to be ready and willing to take on new adventures. Sure, I’ll have experienced quite a few milestones by then. I hope that I won’t be weighed down by my commitments, but rather, enriched by them. In ten years, I still want to be working on my personal development… just with a lot more in the mix! Like I always preach… it’s all about finding the relevance within everything I’m doing. With the average American lifespan at about 80 years, 31 still sounds early to me!

And in the event I am on the brink of a “mid-life” crisis, I’d like to have the capacity to do lots of mid-life crisis-y things such as buying a new car, getting a wild hair cut, traveling somewhere awesome, or starting a cupcake business. But who knows what novelty food trends will be around in 10 years?

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