Dear WordPress,

I am (somewhat) new here. Please be gentle with me. This is perhaps my 7th online journal of sorts… I felt it was time to move on to bigger and better things. I hope to refine my writing skills and further my personal development, which for me, is always best done through reflection. Also, Tumblr just wasn’t doing it for me. Pretty over Facebook too. Why are social networking/online personas so difficult for me to reconcile? I think the trouble lies in that I try to reconcile them at all… when many lead two (or more) separate lives and are fine with it.

This is just another “distraction” from the priorities society has set forth for me, especially with all the advanced tools I surely don’t know how to use. However, it is really a distraction when my personal vision is to grow as a person in whatever ways possible? Oh, societal pressures, you work in funny ways.

I will be embarking on a 30-day challenge, although it sounds a little Tumblr-esque. It does provide some good writing guidance when my goal is to keep writing. Some days I have a case of verbal diarrhea and have no sense of direction. Hence, [non]Sense of Direction. Let’s try to remedy that, shall we?

As my blog posts always end… I have tons of things to do, procrastination, blah blah blah, money troubles… there you have it! I will now leave you with a photo of the complete opposite of my life: worry-free, can eat endlessly and sleep all day–and it’s perfectly acceptable.

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